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About the workshop

I have worked with ceramics for many years, and got my own workshop at Vigeland Hovedgård in Vennesla in 1997. Here I work and have a display of my crafts.
I have worked as a ceramics teacher both at courses and schools, i.e. the adult education centre and colleges.

Companies will also find a lot of things suitable for business connections or staff for special occasions.
A lot of my crafts are bigger things like urns, pots and platters, often with notable shapes, almost sculptural.
Because I like to create new things, and do not mass produce, it would be wise to visit my workshop regularly.
You'll never know when you'll find the exact thing you've been looking for!
For the same reasons you should be as early as possible in case I am out of stock and you wish to have something equivalent made.
I do commissioned work, but I do not copy other peoples work.